Can WE build a corporate entity that The Almighty God would be proud of? JOIN ME AND LET US TRY!

I am Ademola Morebise, here is a recent picture:

Ademola Morebise

Ademola Morebise

I am a man on a mission:

We want to establish a company with great knowledge and understanding of God, moving with wisdom, wealth and wonders, advancing God’s agenda in the world, creating wealth for our members and partners.

I am building a house that the whole world will know for great inventions, witty innovations and great wealth.

For me and the company of people I lead, we believe the following statements:

  1. God exists and right now, the world needs God-inspired men who will operate in every sector of the global economy.
  2.  Anyone can through hard work and God’s backing become extremely successful and wealthy. Regardless of background.
  3. We believe in creating wealth through witty, game-changing inventions and innovations and then distributing that wealth.

The world needs real leadership, inspiration and impartation so that people can do their best work  and I believe working together, we can play a role in that.

Too many people are just wasting away and need help. We need to reach out to them, get them saved, upgraded and empowered.

I want you to join us:

If you are angry with the status quo, if you are angry with been broke and poor, if you are angry that things are not working in your life and you are willing to fix it. You are welcome to join us.

Your academic or technical or social background is irrelevant. All that is relevant to us is that you are willing to learn and work hard to become a valuable member of our household.

If this sounds like something you would love to be a part of, I welcome you to join Morebise & Company.

Ademola Morebise,
Morebise & Company