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Where do great startup ideas come from?


In 2008, I was a in a fix. I foresaw that I had to shutdown RiRanWo! But what else could I build?

Nothing came up.

For weeks, I had NO idea. till 2009 when I finally put together a “concoction” I duly named Gistcaster.

Fast forward to 2014. I have 240 ideas, 240 new, unique and completely usuable ideas. Ideas with feasibility, ideas so tempting that I am beginning to document for implementation on this dedicated website.

So… How did I move from Idea drought to Idea abundance?

Simple Answer: I fell in love.

Not with a person, I fell in love with the community.

From the bible, we can correctly deduce that God is not life, neither is God light. God is love and in Him (that is love) dwellth life and the life was the light of men.

When I began to genuinely care for people not because of what I stood to gain (Money, fame) but because of “Love”, I began to receive the light (ideas) that will improve their live.

In 2010, I asked myself: “how can this Gistcaster thing actually help my community?” g160 came up.

Over the years now, my products have been in response to a specific problem I can see in the society, afterall people and problems are like Siamese twins. Anywhere you find people, you are bound to find problems. This is what led to projects like LearnThem (online learning), OneCrier Events alerts, GSquare (Conference app) and the others.

Indeed, these are the thoughts that culminated into the launching of Morebise ventures to convert ideas into products, startups — taking our own ideas to market and helping others do so also.

A recent burden for me had been how (Non-Tech savvy) Nigerian Entrepreneurs fail to fully utilise social media and technology. CloudPitcher is the latest one and its for them, CloudPitcher will help brick and mortar businesses adopt Data Analytics and other Digital tools to drive business growth.

So you see, the more I love people, the more practical ideas I have for them. And that is the heart of all great companies. Inventing automatic gear box is out of love! the old gear system was just too hard! Larry Page felt finding info on the internet was too diffcult, nearly impossible. So he created Google. Steve jobs felt computers were damn too technical and complex. He simplified it and became a billionaire in the process and I could go on and on.

But the point is: If you need ideas… you now know what to do!