The digital jobs train kicks off in Ikere-Ekiti

The journey of a million miles begins with a step, we have taken the first step towards our goal of connecting the youths in Ikere-Ekiti directly to global opportunities.

We held the first event of the initiative, a seminar tagged DIGITAL JOBS FOR IKERE-EKITI YOUTHS and it was an eye opener for our target audience who were mainly under graduate students at the College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti.

The 2 hour seminar focused on introducing the idea of digital jobs and how it had the potential to directly connect the youths with global opportunities. The facilitators also went ahead to describe specific jobs opportunities online and the necessary skillset required.

We were able to hold a flawless event thanks to the efforts of various student bodies that assisted us: TMG, TCCF, RCF Ikere (they graciously gave us their auditorium and resources to use) and Ikere Today, the campus online newspaper.


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