How to market your business using Whatsapp

I dont know about you, but Whatsapp is the app I use the most on my phone. Many people are also like that. All day sending and receiving messages on that platform.

Whatsapp has gone far beyond just personal messages, it is now a great avenue for business owners to interact with their current clients/customers and connect with new ones. I have been using Whatsapp as a key part of my business marketing mix since November 2014 and I have derived a lot of benefits from it.

I now joke that my mobile phone is my office and my power bank is my standby generator. (Only Nigerians will get the joke. Its ok if you don’t get it!)

1. Be explicit about Whatsapp

The first thing you need to do is to make it clear that your business services are available over Whatsapp. Do not shy away from it.

You want people to know that if they message you on Whatsapp, they are not disturbing you and you have to create a warm and welcoming feel to the whole thing.

You could set some rules like saying you only respond to business enquiries within office hours for example (Within office hours? Yes, Whatsapp is now YOUR OFFICE, you get?). This can be done inorder to protect your free time and create space to handle other things. Nobody should be chained permanently to a device.

Your Display Picture (DP – the little image of who you are chatting with) is your billboard, gone are the days of putting up your pictures or your friends or your food or your cat or your… you get the idea. You need to get a graphic designer to create a wonderful logo or graphic image you can use for your DP. (We can help with that.)


Make something that will display your business services and put up as your DP. If Whatsapp will be your marketing platform, you might as well decorate it.

2. Build a list

There is a feature on Whatsapp called broadcast lists. This allows you to easily send messages to lots of people at once.

Make a broadcast list with your contacts and customers and clients, when you get new customers, add them to the list. Once you start this, people will start sending you contacts of people who they feel would be interested in your business services.

3. Send messages to spark conversations

Once you have completed steps 1 and 2 above, next thing is to send messages. Yes, send out a broadcast.

What can you say?

  • Talk about your business services
  • Share tips and advices about what you do
  • Give special bonus and offers strictly for your Whatsapp people

The essence of the message you send out often is to remind people you exist and are open for business. You want your messages to actually be useful to the people who are going to read it.

We run this Whatsapp (and SMS) based operation that we use to help people find products and services around them. People can message us between 9AM – 3PM about anything they want to buy like laptops, tablets and phones and we help with recommendations and purchase. The best products at the best price.

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