Welcome to The Morebise Wealthy Network

What do we do around here?

We want to work together to innovatively create wealth and lead excellent lives.

We are a community, built on trust and creating a sustainable future where people help and empower each other to create wealth and achieve set goals.

Why do we do it?

The world is in dire need of honest, God-inspired men who will operate in various sectors of the global economy. The world needs real leadership, inspiration and impartation so that people can do their best work and I believe The Wealthy Network can play a role in that.

Too many people are just wasting away and need help. We need to reach out to them, get them saved and empowered. This is my big focus with this platform.

I learned from a 2015 World Hunger report that over 13 million Nigerians will go to bed hungry tonight. In fact, if you count 10 people on the streets, 2 or 3 likely have not had breakfast.

These are not happy statistics.

It is by the grace of God that I am not a part of these statistics I have shared with you; I have enough faith, connection and money to live a fine life. However, I want my life to be more than this.
Someone said: “The cool thing is to spend your hard-earned money getting/upgrading your gadgets, buying the latest shiny new tech. The compassionate thing is to spend it sacrificially, on other people.”

I belong to the second camp.

I believe more in the potentials latent in you than the challenges you face daily.

Yes, I have this belief that regardless of your background, you can arise and make things happen for yourself. All that is required of you is whether or not you will get to work.

I want you and I to work together and create wealth.

I see vast opportunities everywhere I turn, this field is ripe for disruption, but there are no men. Men that are equipped and fortified to win. Winning BIG in every sector of the global economy.

That is why the goal around here is to selflessly equip every member of The Wealthy Network so that we can conceive and execute ideas, projects and business.

This grand goal is what we break down further/simplify into providing training, empowerment and opportunity to every member.

That is the goal.

That is my heart cry here.

How to make the most of your membership?

  • Talk to me. We want to know who you are right now and who you want to become, so that we can work together to get there. Why not fill the form below to introduce yourself?
  • We chart a progress course.
  • Participate! Participate!! Participate!!! Thou shall not be passive.

I am Ademola Morebise

Welcome to The Wealthy Network!

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