Boost your business via Whatsapp using these 7 simple steps

How big is Whatsapp? With over 1 billion users worldwide, many people use Whatsapp more than any other messaging app out there. People sit on Whatsapp all day sending and receiving messages on that platform.

Whatsapp has gone far beyond just personal messages, it is now a great avenue for business owners to interact with their current clients/customers and connect with new ones.

Did you know that at 70%, Whatsapp engagement rates are much higher than Facebook? If you post the same message on Facebook and Whatsapp, more people will react on Whatsapp than on Facebook.

You should start to look for how you can do more through Whatsapp.

I have been using Whatsapp as a key part of my business marketing mix since November 2014 and I have derived a lot of benefits from it.

Now, let me tell you exactly how I did it.

I will share 7 steps.


Whatsapp has always been there on your phone, but you only use it to send and receive messages casually. People send you all sorts of broadcasts everyday, but you never send out yours, you think sending out broadcasts is childish and immature. (Like seriously?)

If you play the game well, Whatsapp can become your most important business tool, making money for you every day. Everybody you need to do business with you is already on Whatsapp, you just need to connect with them.

Step 1 to making money on Whatsapp? I changed my mind about Whatsapp and started using Whatsapp for business since 2014. That day, some one provoked me by sending a broadcast, so I promptly responded… with some broadcasts and ended up signing up my first customer purely through Whatsapp.


Nobody will dash you money on Whatsapp. You must have something of value you can offer. I started by using Whatsapp to market my website development services, then later my online marketing skills and training services.

There must be something you know how to do that you can ask people to pay you for.

For example, I know digital tech very well, I can do wonders with my computer, mobile phones and on the internet. I take all this skills for granted until I recently started assisting my Dad, elder sisters and friends with getting these things done on their phones. I then realised not everyone saw things the way I did.

If you can cook very well, you tend to forget that not everyone knows the recipes you know, and that you can make an awesome income by selling recipes.

Find a product or service to sell.



To make money from people, you need to have people in the first place. The first thing I did was to create a broadcast list.

Create a broadcast list on Whatsapp and select ALL YOUR CONTACTS for a start, later on you will create other lists, but for now; add everybody. No exceptions.

In addition to the general list you have just created, you might also create an extra 1 or 2 lists. If you have some customers already, create a list and place all of them there (Don’t create a group yet, just a simple list), then you can think of other lists you should have.

For example, I created a list for my clients, my students who I have trained, and another general list for everybody.


Now that you have made your list, it is time to send a broadcast. Some people have made it their business to be sending broadcasts every morning. NOT ME!

There was a guy that was sending me 5-7 broadcasts everyday! What for? I deleted him sharply!

Stop sending and forwarding mumu messages, broadcast with sense.

I currently decided to reduce my broadcast to 2 – 3 times weekly. I also decided by December 2015 to reduce the length of my broadcasts, I tried hard to make it 140 characters, but it didn’t work. But I try to summarise it to like 2 text messages (around 306 characters).

Whatsapp is like fast food. Write it sharply and send. NO LONG THING BRO!

If you do this, people will like reading your broadcasts and they will no longer ignore you like they ignore people like the guy who sent me 5-7 broadcasts everyday.


Whatsapp business is to be taken seriously. You must plan ahead of time, if you will send a broadcast on Monday by 5AM, ensure the message is ready by 5PM on Sunday.

That allows you to be relaxed and do proper editing for your messages. You should also be ready for people that will reply your messages.

Plan out promos or special offers weeks in advance, failure to plan how you want to run things on Whatsapp will lead to failure.


Your Display Picture (DP – the little image of who you are chatting with) is your billboard, gone are the days of putting up your pictures or your friends or your food or your cat or your… you get the idea. You need to get a graphic designer to create a wonderful logo or graphic image you can use for your DP. (We can help you with that.)

Make something that will display your business services and put up as your DP. If Whatsapp will be your marketing platform, you might as well decorate it.


Send messages. Yes, send out a broadcast about what you do.

What can you say?

  1. Talk about your business services
  2. Share tips and advices about what you do
  3. Give special bonus and offers strictly for your Whatsapp people

The essence of the message you send out often is to remind people you exist and are open for business. You want your messages to actually be useful to the people who are going to read it.

People may not respond on the first day, but keep at it. I have had people call me about some offer I posted several months before, enquiring if it were still available.

I even had someone request I brought back an expired promo for them as part of a special deal.

Using Whatsapp for business marketing is quite efficient and definitely fun. A lot of people do it poorly and there is your chance.

If you do it well, you might just leap-frog the rest of the pack.

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