How to make money online

Getting ready to make money online

Anyone anywhere can make money online. There is little or no doubt left as to whether money can be made online; rather the question is HOW? What are the steps to actually making money from the internet?

The whole scope of making money online can be broad and overwhelming for the newbie, especially due to scammers and get-rich-quick schemes that promise overnight riches and fail to deliver on their promises. This calls for caution so as not to fall victim.

The very first thing to do if you will make money online is that you must not start thinking making money online is easier than making money offline. You must be ready to put in as much effort as you would put into any other business.

So, then if you realise that making money online is equivalent to running a business, you must be ready to invest the capital and sweat needed to build something concrete. The reason people feel it’s easy to make money online is due to the lower costs of doing business.

They fail to realise that there is a big difference between “easy” and “cheap”. You will hear stories of how people make up to =N= 10, 000 by simply helping businesses to send out a tweet to their own followers. What they will not tell you is how long it took such people to build up a following on Twitter – hours of sweat!

“Cheap” is setting up a Twitter account for free, but tweeting regularly and getting followers is not “easy”. You have to put in effort.

To get started, you absolutely need a laptop computer and a mobile device that is internet enabled.

You need to know the basics of how to operate the computer system and how to navigate the internet. These are the basics if you will make money on the internet.

Making money online can be simplified into creating value and/or connecting people and making some money thereby.

Connect information seekers with information

Everyone out there is looking for information, you can create a blog website to provide that information.

You will have to look for a niche; a specific subject you would love to provide information about, it could be about anything!

It could be about:

  • Relationships and dating
  • UTME past questions
  • Post-UTME information
  • Recipes
  • Job vacancies
  • Anything you love!

The only caution is that you should look for a niche, a specific subject, don’t do general topics that is already covered well by some other people. On the other hand, whatever you are settling for should have the potential of attracting at least 1, 000 people. The audience needs to be large enough before you can make any money from them.

This is one of the most popular ways by which people make money online.

You start by creating a blog (you can even start with a free blog) and then start posting information on it, once you have built an audience, you can sell products to them or serve them adverts or both. For example, a blog about admission into Nigerian universities can sell post-UTME materials to its loyal readers.

If you need proof that this thing works, look no further than Linda Ikeji, she runs a popular blog and makes a lot of money from adverts.

To get started, head over to or and create a free blog. Better still, in order to get a professional looking blog, you might engage the services of a web developer to build it for you.

Our friends at CloudPitcher might be able to help.

Create a marketplace, connect buyers with sellers

There are lots of sellers around you (offline and online) who need more customers. What if you could get them more buyers by using social media tools, email list or other related tools?

For a small fee or percentage commission on each sale, you could use your laptop and your existing network to achieve a lot.

Nothing stops you from going around your town to collect real estate listings and publish them online: houses for sale, apartments for rent etc. It is as simple as approaching a real estate agent in your neighbourhood and make them a proposal. Whatever you help them sell, you get paid for it.

Very simple, right?

Create a community

You can create a community online (a forum) to connect a specific set of people. A fantastic example of this is Seun Osewa’s Nairaland forum.

A forum connecting Nigerians and lovers of Nigerian content online since 2005.

There are hundreds more forums that can be created on football, job seeking, relationships, dating, cars, politics, anything! Once again, all you really have to do is think of a very good niche to settle for.

Start a bulk SMS website

A fantastic way to make money online is by running a bulk SMS website, we have a detailed article and ebook about how to start a bulk SMS business in Nigeria. You should check it out.

Making money online is very real, it is not hard, it just takes diligence and some patience to work things out. So, feel free to pick any of the ideas listed here and go run with it.


Starting an online business can be overwhelming for a newbie that does not really know how to go about it or get started. If you would love more information about online business, sign up below and we would send some materials into your email.

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