How to Start Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria

You too can start your own bulk SMS business in Nigeria. This guide you are reading will explain in great detail everything you need to know.

I am not lying when I say that this is the ONLY RESOURCE you need to read inorder to start making money from the bulk SMS space.

If you work it out, you can easily generate a six-figure income online every month, just from bulk SMS business.

Go ahead and get started.

Communication is vital to business, businesses and all kinds of organisations need cost effective ways of getting their information across to their audience and in a mobile world, SMS comes across as a preferred medium.

Indeed, SMS is the medium of choice because SMS has a wider reach than any other mobile medium.

Now, looking at the business side.

Every time you get a text message, someone somewhere just made some money.

Every month, text messages worth millions of Naira are sent by bulk SMS providers. The people who sell the SMS units and the people sending the messages are all making money from it.

I am here to tell you that you too can grab a slice of the cake.

Nothing stops you from starting your own mobile marketing company and start offering bulk SMS services to clients.

A lot of wrong information is out there about the bulk SMS business, many people feel the profit margins does not make it worth it. Others feel that the golden age of bulk SMS is over.

I think they are wrong. I know they are wrong.

SMS is alive and well, people are smiling to the bank every single day and demand for bulk SMS services is actually increasing.

I am going to show you how to build a profitable bulk SMS business and attract clients to use your services.

A bulk SMS business is a great way to make money in this new economy. It has a lot of perks and benefits.

It is a business that augments your present income, allowing you to make extra cash to take care of your daily needs.

It is a business that does not require too much capital to start and does not suck away all your available time.

A student running a bulk SMS business will be able to stop depending on people who only give you money after they humiliate, insult and take advantage of you

This business is different from all other kinds of businesses; people are paying you for SMS units not physical goods.

You don’t need any special kind of equipment or a store. There is nothing to store. You get paid without physically exchanging anything while customers go online and enjoy the service.

Bulk SMS units are not perishable and they do not expire. Customers can still pay you for SMS units you bought 10 months ago.

Perhaps you have once thought about starting this business but then stopped because you felt:

“I don’t know how to start a business…and have never started a business before, I can’t do this”

“I don’t have a lot of cash to start my bulk SMS business”

“I don’t know how to build a website… how do I start this business?”

This article will address all these concerns, you will have nothing to worry about.

In no time, you too will begin to receive alert as people start paying every single day into your bank account for mobile marketing services.

I don’t know how to run a business

Starting and running a business is not hard, what you need to know is that running a business is about selling something for higher than you got it.

Tell people about your business and ask them to patronise you.

Manage your money well and try to expand your business.

Running a business is not actually rocket science. Anybody can run a business if you put in the dedication, diligence and work hard at it every single day.

You should look for like-minded people and a mentor that can help you in your business quest.

How to Start Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria without a website of your own

If you do not have any money for an initial investment, you can still make money from the bulk SMS industry. You can easily become a bulk SMS agent today and help people to send their messages to their audience.

Your potential clients includes churches, mosques, associations or groups. You will also be needed by people planning weddings, burials etc.

The reason your services is still needed is because a lot of people out there are not tech savvy enough to deal directly with a bulk SMS website themselves. Even though I run a bulk SMS website today, some clients still deal with me directly rather than go to the website themselves.

I will confess that these type of clients are the ones that even pay the highest.

What is most amazing is that you do not need a lot of money to start this business, all you need is just to inform people and give them a good price.

This means you would be sending the SMS for them using other bulk SMS portals like for example, but feel free to shop around and look for the best deal you can find.

To get started, all you have to do is:

  • Look for a bulk SMS website that works well (Do the messages deliver on time? How much does it cost?)
  • Create your account (Creating account on most bulk SMS websites is free)
  • Look for clients in your neighbourhood, and start working for them.

How to Start Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria: develop Your own bulk SMS website

Starting a bulk SMS business without a website is definitely possible, but your ultimate goal must be to start your own portal.

There are about 3 major ways you can make BIG money with a bulk SMS website:

  1. Individuals will signup at your portal to buy and send SMS to their family, friends and other contacts. These are your “Personal Users”.
  2. Organizations, companies and churches will signup to buy and send SMS to their members. These are your “Group users”.
  3. Resellers (People who also want to own their own BULK SMS portals) will pay you huge money to sign them up and they will start to buy SMS units in Bulk from you and sell to their customers. These are your own “resellers”.

The cost of developing your own bulk SMS website will vary based on your developer. To get a decent website, you should be ready to spend at least =N=40, 000 to =N= 70, 000.

I need to warn you to run away from people claiming to give you a bulk SMS website for =N= 5,000 or =N= 10, 000. What they give you is merely a reseller account hard-wired to their own platform.

They use pirated and hacked software for your website and you end up been liable to be hacked.

The most important feature of your bulk SMS website is that you must be able to change your bulk SMS gateway at any time. This allows you to avoid vendor lock-in. That is what killed my first bulk SMS business.

A lot of people have been bitten by the vendor lock-in menace, you would do well to avoid it.

What you need to develop your bulk SMS portal

 Domain name and web hosting will cost you at least =N= 10,000. Your domain name is the address of the website e.g

Your domain name should be short, try not to make it longer than 11 characters. Shorter is better.

It is also a good idea to include SMS in the name of the website as that makes it easier when you start marketing it.

Joomla installation and setup. Joomla is an open source content management system running on PHP and MySQL. There are so many content management systems in the web industry, however there are three most popular ones which are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Every CMS is easy to learn. Joomla is a free software that will power your website, you can actually set it up yourself or get a professional to sort it out for you. You will also need to get a good looking theme design for the website, your website needs to look unique and it should be easy to use.

SMS Portal Creator plugin. You will need to buy, install and setup the SPC plugin from that will convert your Joomla site into a bulk SMS website. This plugin is sold for around =N= 15,000 (SPC4).

Bulk SMS gateway. After the website is up and running, you simply need to connect to a SMS gateway and you are ready to roll. There are couple of places to get your premium bulk SMS API. These companies have direct connection and link with all the GSM operators in Nigeria and other countries.

Do your research and look for the best deal.

What you need from your bulk SMS API provider:

Reliability: the gateway must always deliver, do not go for cheap gateways that do not work well or promise 80% delivery. It is better to be expensive and reliable than to be cheap and ineffective.

People paying you expect good service, not excuses. Deliver on your promise to provide bulk SMS services every time.

Excellent client support: The Company must always be available to take your questions and help out any time the need arises.

Competitive pricing: The SMS units must be well priced and do not agree to any deal that stipulates your units will expire (it is a prank they love playing, don’t fall for it)

I welcome you to use our bulk SMS API at, the deal I offer you is to buy 50, 000 SMS units at just =N= 1.40/unit (Which works out to =N= 70, 000). On our portal, 1 UNIT = 1 SMS.

If you sell at =N= 1.70/unit to your own users, that is 30k profit per unit. You will also be able to even sell for =N= 1.80 to people not buying as many units. (Actually you can even sell as high as =N= 2:50)

If as a reseller, you want to buy less than 50, 000 units, we sell for you at around =N= 1.60/unit.

After integrating your SMS provider’s API, it’s now time to start marketing your bulk SMS website.

Package yourself for excellence

There are so many bulk SMS providers out there and even though I am convinced there is room for many many more providers, it is worth it if you invest in standing out of the crowd.

We recommend that you walk into any office of the Corporate Affairs Commission and register a nice business name.

When you finish the registration and have gotten your CAC certificate, go to Tax office to obtain your TIN (Tax Identification Number). With your CAC certificate, TIN, ID card, utility bill, walk into any bank and open a corporate account.

90% of clients are pretty sceptical about paying into a personal account. They see your business as a childish thing. Some big companies or churches will like to pay in Cheque instead of cash. And you cannot deposit a cheque into a savings account. You want to give an impression that you are not a “me too bulk SMS portal” but a business owned by a corporate entity.

Just make out time to package your business. Packaging matters. Unless you want to do hit and run business.

Isn’t the difference between kpekere and plaintain chips PACKAGING??

The truth about pricing

There are some novice in this business that charge ridiculously cheap prices in order to get customers. It doesn’t make any sense to do that.

Serious users are more interested in bulk SMS they can always rely on at a good price.

We can raise our prices today and our clients will not mind because they know they can always rely on us. A lot of our current clients signed up after their former SMS providers messed them up.

So, make your pricing moderate. Not too costly and definitely not too cheap. Be sure to configure your portal send SMS at 1 unit. Clients hate it when they will have to do unnecessary calculations. They just want to send SMS, they should not need a calculator.

They want 1000 SMS units to send SMS to 1000 GSM numbers as long as the SMS is 1 page.

Instead of making your unit for 80kobo and then make 1 SMS to deduct 2 units, which in essence, you are selling at 160kobo. Why not just spell it out that you sell SMS at =N= 1.60 and 1 unit is equals to 1 SMS?

A lot of people feel scammed after signing up and then discover that you have twisted billing.

How to Start Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria: Marketing your bulk SMS website

After setting up your portal, it is time for serious work. Setting up your bulk SMS portal can be done in 1 day, all the setup and technical aspect of this business is barely 5% of the work involved.

Marketing your bulk SMS website is the major work.

You must be ready to work hard, investing your time and your money into growing the business.

You need to advertise your bulk SMS business like mad.

Start small, tell everybody you know about the bulk SMS website. Send out broadcasts online: Facebook, Whatsapp and BBM. These goes a long way.

It turns out however that offline marketing is more profitable than online marketing. (This is a secret, don’t tell anybody!)

One of the best ways to promote your bulk SMS website is by making handbills and then distribute it massively.

You need a professional graphics designer that can handle the design, do not use an amateur.

You can start by designing a one color handbill.

Keep the design simple and straight to the point. Make sure that your website and phone number are clearly typed in bold. Don’t overkill it.

Sharing the Handbills

You can get one or two persons (friends or family members) to help you share the handbills. Take your handbills to shopping malls and give out to people.

You can even go to any bank and attach a copy of the handbill at the driver side door handle of every car parked at the bank. You must be ready to shove your business down people’s throats. You can also place the handbills at computer centres, pharmacy shops, and hotel receptions.

You can also go to big churches and share your handbills there.

Programme Sponsorship

If you have some bigger marketing budget, you can try programme sponsorship. It is all about finding events (conferences, workshops, seminars, conventions, weddings, church harvest, etc) that you can support by printing some copies of a jotter which will be given out free to all the participants of the event.

You print the jotter and then advertise your business on the back cover of the jotter.


The bulk SMS business is a lucrative venture you can setup and it will be making you money every day.

Sometimes, we need to have like-minded people around us to help us push through in our work.

I would encourage you to join our community.

If you love to get started in this lucrative business, contact the author right away through this phone number: 07032035625.

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