Who do you need to do a free job for?

In Q4 2015, someone contacted me via Facebook to help create a logo for her new fashion outfit. I sent her our branding questionnaire document.

I got to work, and ended up designing the logo personally, she was happy with the design, paid the fee in full and we should have parted ways, except that… She was smart, hard-working and had a “kindred” spirit. What more could you want in a client?

Beyond that…

In 2015, I knew everything about creating e-commerce stores, but I was yet to land a client. I was not able to land clients because I had no real e-commerce store online that was running.

So, after I sent out the proposal, I was not able to seal the deal because the talks ended after they asked for sample e-commerce projects we had done. I was not happy and needed to fix it, but what could I do?

So, I was dying to launch a real e-commerce for a client. And here was a client I genuinely admired and respected… why not sow a seed into another person’s business?

So, without telling the client, I got to work, I designed an e-commerce for her business. I downloaded her goods from her Facebook group and used them to set up the website.

It took me about 3 – 4 weeks of serious work as if she paid me one big money to do so. I completed the job and sent her a link to preview it on my staging/testing server.

She was shocked and quickly picked up the phone to call me. What was she looking at? A website for her??

I calmed her down and told her the website was hers, she just needed to pay for the hosting and domain name (I was too broke to handle it at that time). She did and we launched it.

She was happy. I was blessed.

That project went on to open much more doors for me.

Today, we now have plenty e-commerce projects and sites that we have developed after her project. Ofcourse, all paid for, not free jobs.

She even gave me this amazing testimonial that I love so much that I always find an excuse to paste everywhere:

“I will like to say Ademola Morebise is a ‘pusher’, he knows just exactly the right words to say that can ignite your spirit and propel your brain to work. His enthusiasm is out of this world #LOL# like seriously, I really envy that. He’s not just a motivator but a doer, he makes sure the desired result is achieved”

So, my question for you is this:


You need to realise that the key to your greatness is connected to service. You ought to serve before you can expect greatness… You will become great when you are busy trying to help others become great.

Since 2012, I have been working hard to make my mentor great. The more I try to make him bigger and better, the more I am also increasing.

When I see young guys who hate service, who think they can “hustle” their way into greatness, I laugh in KJV. Service is part of life. When you are starting out, people will use you, you will do plenty free jobs, but it will all work out into your greatness.

My first job was with a web design firm, I was 17 years old, paid peanuts and overworked, under-appreciated, my peanuts wasn’t paid at times… but I realised then that the job gave a chance to work on a computer and free access to the Internet. That was how I was able to develop critical technical skills in programming. It always works out.



The ball is in your court.

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