Here's How To Get The Coaching, Accountability And Advice You Need To Explode Your Income, Impact And Influence In 12 Months

Ademola Morebise - Formidable MasterMind

Ademola Morebise - Formidable MasterMind

From The Desk Of Ademola Morebise
Ikotun, Lagos. Nigeria.

Dear Friend,

If you'd like to consciously grow your personal capacity, business and ministerial endeavours, this will be the most important thing you'll ever read today or tomorrow or ever.

**Pay Attention**

Please stop any music you are listening to, switch off the TV, and put your phone in airplane mode.

This is important.

Don’t allow anything distract you from carefully reading and understanding what I am about to explain to you.

Right here, Right now, you have a great opportunity.

I am talking about been able to “level-up”, constantly improve and getting really good in your life pursuits. It is time to stop playing small and actually begin to make impact.

If you'd like to sell lots of consulting, life coaching, products or professional services, this will be the most important thing you need that would take your life to the next level.

When you read this letter to the end, you’re going to discover ways by which we can help you increase your reach, get more followers/fans/customers, deliver on your personal or organizational mission, and increase productivity all across.

First, let me tell you a true life story

A few years ago, 3 friends decided to do an income challenge.

They had been running their businesses for a while, but they were not yet making consistent income from it every month and so they challenged themselves to generate their first =N=500, 000 in revenue over the next 3 months.

They got to work.

They tried to push.

The 90 day period elapsed.

They failed to hit their goal.

They went to sleep after that...

However, since that time, I could not brush it off, it keep tugging the back of my mind:

  • Why did they fail?
  • Was the time too short? (No)
  • Were they serious about it? (I think they were)


I pondered over it for many days and now... I think I might have just found answers…

What do we need for unlimited, unstoppable growth and wealth creation?

I will speak for myself.

When I started my business endeavours in 2007, I WAS DOOMED TO FAIL FROM DAY 1. I live in Nigeria, a country that is in a messed up position due to many decades of bad, terrible and wicked leadership rulership.

You were more likely to fail and die broke than you were to succeed or even earn a “minimum wage”.

Your business, NGO, ministry or whatever, was more likely to fail within the first 12 months than succeeding. In fact, if your business somehow celebrated its 5th year anniversary… it called for massive celebration.

Nigerians have great potentials, but the environment chokes dreams and kills them off.

The mental stress of being a business owner in Nigeria is enough to kill you, there is always so much to do and most times, you are clueless about a lot of things.

It is not about having a degree in the university, even PhD holders struggle in business. Getting an MBA doesn’t guarantee much.

It is not even about reading those BIG, BIG business books.

I always laugh when I see those yeye business consultants trying to apply American business ideas in a Nigerian setting…. Which amounts to nothing. American business ideas do not work in Nigeria.

If you are going to grow your capacity and your wealth, you need to pay attention right now, because I am about to leak the info.

From my research, I identified three key things that you must have in place:

  1. A good coach
  2. Real, implementable knowledge
  3. Accountability partners

As you can see, money is not the major factor. The amount of money you have or that you do not have is not what will stop you from unlimited growth and unstoppable wealth explosion.


Those 3 friends failed because they only had 1 out of the 3 keys they needed to forge ahead.

This is why they failed (Pay attention or you could be next!)

They had no coach or mentor to guide them…

They only had text-book knowledge and google-ed junk information to work with. They did not have the secret knowledge of how business is done in Nigeria…

…a lot of things goes into making businesses work in Nigeria that is unwritten. In fact, they cannot be written… I cannot even write them down. They are only transferred from a private business coach to his clients and so on.

They did not have real, implementable knowledge.

To their credit, they promised to be accountable to each other, but without planning exactly what accountability meant, they get a half mark here too.

They were passionate, serious about moving up in life, but a lot of critical things were missing.

They were committed to consciously growing their personal capacity, business and ministerial endeavours… but they failed.


I wish I could claim I thought of that fine line, but I did not, people have been saying it… I simply borrowed it:

“It is dangerous to have zeal without knowledge, and the one who acts hastily makes poor choices.” – Proverbs 19:2 (NET Bible)

Where do you stand?

Do you have income goals for this year?

Are you on track to make the money you want to make this year?

Do you have growth goals?

May be you want to grow your influence, build an audience of people that would be interested in your message.

It will not depend on your zeal or passion for what you do… we have already seen that ZEAL IS USELESS WITHOUT PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE AND HIGHLY STRUCTURED ACCOUNTABILITY.

I’ve got a quick question for you…

Have you ever wanted to increase your capacity and move forward with your life and business goals?

You planned to eventually own your own business?

Come on… you know you can be better than this.

You are not able to get people to notice you or your organisation. You work hard but cannot seem to become better over time.

You know you have no business with failure, you know you are an expert at what you do, yet it is not translating into money in the bank accounts.

So… why hasn’t it happened for you yet?

Come on… admit it.

This isn’t the first time you’ve been looking for a proven way to grow your capacity and forge ahead in your business… is it?

When is it your turn?

Money is not your problem

A lot of us like thinking… if only I could get some more money, my life would be better.

This is not necessarily the case.

If you lay your hands on money faster than you grow and develop capacity, it can only lead to disaster.

Like that wise saying: a fool and his money are soon parted.

Most of the talks and thinking about money is a myth. It is a self-inflicting injury on your goals and dreams.

The real challenge you have is mindset and resourcefulness.

See, your current reality is primarily a direct consequence of your current mindset.

Struggling to cross a million a month? Mindset is the major culprit...

Having bad results? Want to increase the quality of your results? Upgrade your mindset.

You could do a lot more with what you have, but you cannot see it. You can be far more resourceful than you currently believe.

Perhaps, you need to be actively reminded of that in order to take full advantage of all your resources.

Perhaps you need to deliberately surround yourself with people who challenge you…

What if you changed your circle of influence?

How much could your life improve and accelerate?

Green is for Growth. Introducing the GREEN CIRCLE.

I want to tell you about The Green Circle.

I want to invite you to apply for a slot on The Green Circle.

The Green Circle is a closed, private coaching and supportive community for people consciously growing their personal capacity, business and ministerial endeavours.

This is the key question: If you team up with others like you, perhaps you can get ahead further?

Especially, when you have very good coaches and top notch experts drilling you and helping you forge ahead.

Exactly what you’re getting when you Enter The Circle

When you sign up and become a member of The Green Circle, you will be kicking your life and business endeavours into a higher gear!

Be ready for simultaneous short term and longer term improvements in every area of your life.

The first thing is that we will help you get good. We will push you until you become an expert in what you do.

You will become good at the technical aspects of your work, and also get good at the business aspects as well. Your industry will begin to feel your presence.

The second thing you can look forward to is innovation. We will share with you a lot of amazing stuff like: Business Software, Templates and Frameworks, everything you need to create and leverage innovative ideas in your industry.

You will crush the competition in your industry by leveraging tech in a way NO ONE ELSE CAN. (Our coaches are experts in leveraging tech for business profits explosion)

If you hate embracing latest technology and leveraging that for business growth. I beg you, do not enter this circle!

The third amazing thing you get as a member of The Green Circle is accountability. Complete accountability.

We will hold you accountable every month. We have structured accountability frameworks to make it easy for you to monitor your progress.

Monthly Business Accountability reports is not a buzz word around here. It is very real, we enforce it.

That is not all. Every quarter, you get private strategy sessions!

Yes, you heard that right. Every 90 days, we get to review everything that has been happening, what is working, what is not working and how we can tweak, adjust so that we may forge ahead. You will be getting one-on-one access to a Business Results Specialist with proven track records of producing real, verifiable results in your industry.

The strategy sessions happen virtually and in some cases physically at your place of business. Depends on your nature of business, organisation or ministry and some other factors like location etc.

Now, close your eyes for a moment and think about how better, richer and all-round awesome your life will be by the time you add all the goodies above into your life…

I absolutely guarantee that you will access the coaching, accountability and advice you need to explode your income, impact and influence over the next 12 months, are you in?

Real business knowledge

Truth be told,

Your business will fail like mine failed in 2007 unless you get correct practical knowledge that works in today’s economy and apply it into your business.

Remember: there is a lot that goes into making businesses work in Nigeria that is unwritten.

Actually, they cannot be written… I cannot even write them down. They are only transferred from a private business coach to his clients and so on.

One of the best things about The Green Circle is that you get your hands on powerful, data-driven content that we will produce in-house. Every month we compile and share with you EVERYTHING we are learning and trying out, ALL THE WINS AND MISTAKES, so that you can also implement into your business and digital marketing.

Real business knowledge about the local economy will be compiled and made available for you.

You will no longer have to only rely on guesswork (we all know it sucks, because more often than not, it leads to losses and not real profits)

When you run your business with real information and data, you move faster – trust me on this.

Beyond that, The Green Circle will also…

Help us stay focussed, share ideas and tap into the collective mind of the amazing people in the group, equally passionate about what they do as you are.

You are gaining access to a peer-mentoring group, with other motivated and ambitious people working on increasing productivity, excellence, and pursuing innovative business ideas.

You do not need to be super smart or already very successful to join. This will enable us help one another and grow together - faster.

You will also enjoy massive discounts on offers, special invitation and access pass to exclusive conferences, trainings, seminars and events organised by us or our partners. (Extremely valuable)

You are welcome to enter the circle on the condition that you…

  1. You are ready to invest the time, energy and money you will be required to invest into your personal growth and capacity development. I want you to have fire, passion and zeal for your life and the things you do.
  2. You are ready to work hard.
  3. You WILL DO exactly as told. We are ready to coach and hold you accountable, but we cannot afford to do all talk and no action… and let’s face it: there is a limit to which we can push you if you are not willing.

This leads us to the next major point:

>>> Your membership can be terminated at any point over non-response to assigned tasks and duties… and there is no money back. <<<

Of course, on our own part, we promise that we won’t ask you to do anything scammy or unethical. We will not ask you to do anything that is dishonourable.

The Green Circle is for people working hard to make an advancement in life.

What Will Your Investment Be?

I want you to close your eyes for a moment and think about the dreams you have for your life…

Now… How badly do you want it? What is it worth to you?

Stepping into The Green Circle is everything you ever needed, and it is right here… literally in your hands.

In case you are thinking: If you guys really want to help, why not make it free?

Answer: We tried doing free. It was a disaster!

Earlier, I tried to setup a similar group, but it flopped. Why did it flop? Because it was a free-for-all affair.

I don't blame any of the members, it is our nature to only value things we pay for. It is human nature... and so, from day 1, we decided The Green Circle will not be free.

We already give away a lot of value for free through “Your Daily Starter” audio program, and weekly resources. Anybody who wants further time and attention will have to invest money in order to show commitment.

Then also, what would be the motivation for you and me to work hard and implement this program? I have learnt to allow people pay some money, no matter how small as it also empowers you to hold me accountable and demand results.

I prefer it that way. This is serious business.

Nevertheless, I want to let you know that this is not about the money for me… Here is why:

I have a chain of profitable and formidable businesses I built from scratch. I directly own about 3 companies and I sit on the board of a civil engineering construction company and another multi-business venture.

Trust me when I say that I do not need your money, I make mine from my business.


I have private clients, I have a yearly higher ticket consulting package tagged The Insiders Coaching And MasterMind Program, a 3 Million Naira a year program.

Yes, I pocket 3 Million Naira every year to work with clients that are ready to work with me at that level…

So, pay attention and stop thinking I am one of those scammers and semi-scammer business guru that knows little or nothing about building businesses in Nigeria out to make a quick buck. I am not.

It is in your best interest… Don’t miss this offer you have in your hands right now.

If you are tired of staying in one spot for too long, this is the investment you need to make now.

The Green Circle is an investment of N200, 000 per year or N60, 000 per quarter.

But, act fast... because... We cannot admit more than a handful of people right now.

Thereafter, I close the doors.

Yes, we cannot admit a lot people on a program like this.

This is how we will go about it:

If you are ready, simply apply by filling the form below. A representative from my team will get in touch with you if you are accepted.

WARNING: Time is a factor

It is physically impossible for us to admit more than a handful of people into The Green Circle at a time. Because we have to schedule your strategy sessions which are virtual and sometimes physical.

That is why I ask that you quickly respond to the proposal I am making in this letter.

Once we on-board the next few people.... you know now 😉

If you are tired of playing small and just getting by... fill the form below:


Talk Soon,

Ademola Morebise