Hello Friend,

Thank you for checking out my website… Now, where to begin?  🤔

The first thing you need to know is that I am a young man on a mission to shape Society, influence national economies and build formidable institutions that will take Africa to the next level.

I am a man of many parts and so, putting together a traditional "About Me" page was very hard, nevertheless… you can click here for my About Me or get to know me by how people have described me below:

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Ayeni Oluwatosin South-West Nigeria

Mr Ademola Morebise (as I've come to know him in less than 2 years) is a selfless leader and a teacher, a creative thinker. Although he seems to play primarily in the tech space, he has built up himself to be of relevance beyond that.

He's very selfless in that he pours himself out to people (things that took him years of training) without financial gains being his main motive. These days, he preaches a lot about creativity for invention and innovation.

Overall, he is saddled with the vision of raising people of impact in different fields of life. He teaches us to change our mindset from getting rich but rather creating wealth through creative thinking.

Vivian Zadok Fashion Rebirth

Ademola Morebise has changed my perception about doing business in more ways than I can remember to pen down.

He has helped me to understand the concept of marketing effectively and how to grow my business by taking little consistent steps. I lead my small team better today because I listen to the voice of Ademola Morebise every morning (his daily audio podcast).

I am no longer afraid of collaboration because I have come to better understand the power in joining efforts to achieve greater things.

Thank you for Mr M for this revolution. God bless you for impacting us positively.

So, what brings you to my website?

Over the years, I have learnt a lot about why people come to my website and so, this page will help you quickly find what you are looking for.

Most young people are interested in how they can be a part of the Switch To Creativity movement, learn from us, work with us (maybe in an internship role), or maybe I would be interested in mentorship.

This section addresses that.


Please join our Facebook group for the latest updates about our #SwitchToCreativity movement.


I do not have a "structured" mentorship program at the moment, I rather consider the content I put out daily as a form of mentorship in itself. Feel free to drop in-depth comments and thoughtful questions, you never know what might come out of it.

From experience, more than 90% of "mentor me" requests are usually premature, and so, to save everyone's time: let us just forget it.

By the way, you should click through to read my post: The Protégé, the Apprentice and the difference, it will help you in deciding if mentorship is what you really need or more of an apprenticeship program. (From my experience, it's usually the latter)


If you would love to work-and-learn with us, please email contact [at] morebise.com with the headline: "Application for Apprenticeship/Internship" as applicable. Your email should answer the question of WHY?

In as few words as possible, explain WHY we should allow you into our fold.

We take on apprentices and interns from time to time, you should expect a response to your email within 2 to 4 working days.

Over the next 10 years, the plan is to see how we can help 1,000 formidable businesses take shape across West Africa. We believe that entrepreneurs are problem solvers, and if they succeed at building formidable businesses, Western Africa will be a better place.
Our primary business platform is the West Africa Business Centre, you will find business content, our 5-fold agenda and our programs there.

Here is our 5-fold Agenda in brief:

  1. Building Value (and Creating Wealth) Through Business Ownership
  2. A Bigger Vision
  3. Business Value Marketplace and Funding
  4. Consolidations and Industry Roll-Up
  5. Taking Companies Public

The full information about the 5-fold agenda is on the West Africa Business Centre website.

On the other hand, if you are looking for coaching, consulting and a strategy session from me, keep reading.


Due to increased time commitments elsewhere, I have shut down all my coaching programs except the 97-Day Experts Coaching programme.


I am available on a limited basis to consult with you or your leadership team. Please email contact [at] morebise.com with details about your request, and we will make it happen.


I offer a 2-hour business strategy session for $500. You get a clear roadmap, and we develop an actionable plan, I also usually check back with you to inquire how things are going after the session.

To book a strategy session, please email contact [at] morebise.com with details about your request.

I realized long ago that GOD never designed us to have massive success alone. It is simply impossible, and so I have learnt the power and value of partnerships and investments.

There are two levels to this; you can invest directly in our companies, or we can help you connect to things you might be interested in. We help find credible deal flows across the sub-Saharan Africa market and also provide access to some interesting investment opportunities.

To get started, please email ademola [at] morebise.com, you should also see this other website if you are interested in partnerships/JV or if you would love to explore an acquisition.

I am available for speaking engagements, I have spoken at large events and small events alike. These days, I also get invited to media houses to share my insights.

If you need a knowledgeable, dynamic and pragmatic voice to lend weight to your event and help your audience make the necessary shift, please consider booking Ademola Morebise now.

Please email contact [at] morebise.com with an official invite. Kindly share event date, location, title, and any other necessary information that will enable us make an informed decision.

My office will respond to confirm my availability or otherwise.