The Wealthy Network empowers you to master the basics, then hands you the tools you need – software, proposals, business plans, videos, podcast, scripts and red-hot strategies that will help you to begin to create wealth.

In as LITTLE as 21 days…

Yes, over the next 3 weeks, there’s a HUGE OPPORTUNITY here for you to take your life to the next level (and a huge loss if you FAIL to TAKE ACTION).

The Wealthy Network will help you get the skills you need so that you can start making the money you want

The Wealthy Network is a platform of courses, coaching and community that will help you learn the internet business essentials – basic skills that you will need if you will actually make online or continue to fake it.


Introducing The Wealthy Network

The Wealthy Network is a platform created by Ademola Morebise that offers courses, coaching, community and much more to people like you that are learning the fundamentals of how to innovate, create wealth and lead an excellent life.

We are a community of people that are fed-up with been broke, people that are fed-up with all the lies and scam business models that people have been peddling, people that are ready to work hard at building an internet business and finally making money and becoming financially free.

The Wealthy Network is a community of HARD WORKING people that want to make A LOT OF MONEY by running BUSINESSES on the internet.

I decided to create this community because I got fed-up. I am sick and tired of all the rubbish out there with regards to making money either online or offline. When it comes to making money by adding value to others, I am an expert.

We will teach you how you can start earning online, turning your passions into big online business and smile to the bank every single day.

We will teach you how to effectively market your products and services online to generate more clicks and interest than it used to.

Ok, what is the proof that Ademola Morebise can actually help me build a Business? Is he qualified to do this?

Good question. This is the part where I show you my bank account balance… but I DONT DO THAT. NEVER.

So… What do I do instead?

Let’s talk:

I started my first website in 2007. I have been an active player in the Nigerian Internet space since then, picking various awards and recognitions along the way including getting shortlisted for a National Youth Award for ICT Innovation in 2011 with my g160 project, then¬† winning the Taiwo Bankole Prize from PINigeria as a Team leader in 2012,¬† and making the shortlist of the 100 most innovative people working in Nigeria’s technology space (#YTech100) for 3 years in a row now.

Beyond technology, I have worked closely with dozens of Entrepreneurs, Business owners, and even students, helping them start their businesses, grow their businesses and creating economic prosperity.

My businesses, projects and initiatives grow bigger every year and our community impacts more people than ever before.

This is why I am qualified to help you:

I am authentic, I am passionate about what I do, and I am very good at what I do. Very very good. I dare say so.

I have been where you are now before and right now, I am where you wish to be (the club of people actually making money and leading excellent lives, not the fakers and scammers) and I am totally willing to help you make the leap.

Some Testimonials…

Here are some testimonies from people:

“Honestly, it was a wow experience for me because I wasn’t expecting up to that…. as in stuffs you were dishing out for us. Also the contact check was okay…. you really made the class as interactive as possible …has been (very) educative and interesting.” – Toyosi Adebisi

“I will like to say Ademola Morebise is a ‘pusher’, he knows just exactly the right words to say that can ignite your spirit and propel your brain to work. His enthusiasm is out of this world #LOL# like seriously, I really envy that. He’s not just a motivator but a doer, he makes sure the desired result is achieved.” – Damilola Akinbulu

What will you get?

Every Member of The Wealthy Network on the basic plan gets:

  • Monthly 300k (Step-by-step proven system to start making money from two (2) specific business models that always work)
  • Business StartUP Rocket (A System that helps you start your first money making venture in 21 days or less)
  • Website Business Agency System (Business Proposals, Pricing Plans, tools and framework to start your own Website Agency)
  • Email Support to answer all your questions
  • Host up to 2 Websites for FREE
  • FREE Access to EXCLUSIVE events
  • Enjoy up to 50% discount on training programs (both in-house and across our partner networks)
  • FREE Access to “Wealthy Box” (E-books, Audio Programs and other Life Changing resources)
  • FREE complimentary access to Wealthy & Trendy, our brand new e-magazine
  • and more… we are always adding value to members of our network.

Free hosting for your projects

You get access to use CloudPitcher WordPress Box to host your websites at no extra cost! Yes, The Wealthy Network also gives you free hosting so that you can have one less thing to worry about.

Design your business and start making money, so that you can invest the money and increase your wealth.

A powerful community

We have a vibrant and cool community of people working hard to make things happen. We also laugh and play, but we mean business and so will you.

How much is membership?

It is very hard to place a monetary value on the wonderful things that will happen to you once you sign up to become a member of The Wealthy Network.

We could easily charge N7, 000 to N10, 0000 per courses on the platform and it would be worth it.


This has got to be the best part… We are giving you access to EVERYTHING for just N2, 000 ($10) per month.

Yes, serious.

Sign up and begin to learn and earn today.

Your Money back guarantee

Let us reduce your risk. We offer you a 30 Days Money back Guarantee.

That makes your membership completely risk-free, because if you do not like what you are getting… You simply collect your money back. Nothing lost.

We promise to refund your money, every single kobo if you are not satisfied with what you are getting from The Wealthy Network. You are required to cancel within 30 days after your membership begins.

Sign Up Now

N2, 000 ($10) per month / N5, 000 for 3 months

We give students 50% bonus, they pay N5,000 for 6 months membership. (ID card or other proofs required)

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