“I will like to say Ademola Morebise is a ‘pusher’, he knows just exactly the right words to say that can ignite your spirit and propel your brain to work. His enthusiasm is out of this world #LOL# like seriously, I really envy that. He’s not just a motivator but a doer, he makes sure the desired result is achieved.” – Damilola Akinbulu


“Ademola Morebise has been a great force to reckon with in educating and coaching our team at Robe and Diadem. His vast knowledge on startup businesses from his daily post (TMP) and ebook has been a roadmap for our team down the year” – Timothy Akinyemi

Ademola Morebise

Ademola Morebise likes creating things and helping people make good progress in their endeavours. He is a Creator, Business Magnate, Trainer and Passionate Teacher rolled into one. A true Nation Builder.

Ademola Morebise is the visionary founder of The Wealthy Network; a network of people working together to empower people and create opportunities for wealth.

Ademola Morebise is a doer and this reflects in the volume and quality of works he has personally churned out over the years. Some of his biggest hits include:

  • Starting RiRanWo! a Nigerian content aggregator in 2007
  • Gistcaster, a new medium for people to quickly connect with info they need
  • g160, a SMS based newsletter system for local communities
  • OneCrier, a digital media/entertainment outfit.
  • CloudPitcher, helping businesses become more profitable by providing digital tools for businesses.
  • Jamsa, answers for everyone.
  • Creating the We Build Businesses community. A community for people interested in starting or growing their businesses.

Ademola Morebise has a Messiah complex and believes he is on a mission to propagate and advance God’s agenda in the world.