Thank you for partnering with Ademola Morebise.

Your contribution helps and enables me to invest the time and energy required to continuously do the things I do.

Greetings to all my supporters. Welcome to my support page. Thank you for taking the time to visit, you will find the support options below but first, let me explain something.

Many of you know me from my daily podcast: Your Daily Starter, or literally thousands of educative posts that I offer on various social media platforms where I maintain an active presence and of course my free books and in-depth articles I write about invention, creativity, business development, wealth creation and how to facilitate Africa’s Century. I also invest some decent amount of hours into mentoring week in, week out.

Needless to say, this takes a lot of time and effort. I do it with great joy because I consider it to be my calling; what GOD has placed me upon this earth to do, and I am fully devoted to it in rainfall or sunshine.

I created this page in order to give room for “my friends”; people who “get” what we are trying to accomplish and would love to see how they can support me and my works. The thing is, I do not intend to commercialize my message in any way, I want to keep it pure and I realize that in order to keep it pure, I have to ensure it is free and accessible. Not holding anything back for a paid audience or creating paid products.

We (my wife, team members and I) believe firmly that getting this message of creativity, invention and wealth creation OUT is more important than “monetizing” our articles, books and the message. Here are some things we have in mind.

There are 7 major things I wish to do:

  1. Use Facebook Ads, mainstream media (Newspapers and TV Stations) platforms and other marketing platforms to boost our articles every week. The goal is to get to a point whereby we can reach ONE MILLION people consistently with this message every week.
  2. Publish more articles and books about complex problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity.
  3. Build a community of like-minded people… So that beyond reading and discussions, we can actually start implementing the message. This is 2020, we have to start now.
  4. We want to give out hard copies of Unleash Your Inventions and Getting In Shape For Creativity for free to young people that genuinely cannot afford to buy it.
  5. From town to town, and from campus to campus… We want to organize live events and workshops across various cities, towns and even villages. The message of creativity hits the streets!
  6. We need to build a studio so that we can consistently publish high quality audio and video production every week. Videos will allow us to have a greater reach and impact.
  7. A big part of our movement is a call for people to get educated, and so, we need to create a kind of fund that allows us to support and empower people to get as much education as they need in order to fully express their God-given creativity.

While technically, I am a “businessman”, the truth is that the scope of this assignment is something I can never have enough money, time and resources to personally execute. That is why I must not be too proud to ask for help and support from like-minded people like you.

When you support me by choosing one of the options below, I will be able to get more done and your support will also help us move faster by hiring full-time team members to work on this for example.

So, if you have ever got value from anything we put out there, and you feel stirred within your heart to support this vision, that is why we have created this page, to give you a chance to do so. Please, do not be under any obligation or compulsion to support if you do not have the means, you can pray for me and I also appreciate that.

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Thank You.

If you prefer BANK ACCOUNT details or you have got questions about this, please reach out to Mr Dapo Siyanbola on 08069698690 (WhatsApp/Phone call)