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You currently receive #TMP inside your inbox everyday. That is not enough… The contents need to make a transition into your mind.

Unless the principles and ideas discussed here somehow makes it into your mind, it does not count!

Not only #TMP of course, but every useful book, video and audio resources you have ever consumed. The essence of reading these things is not so that you can nod in agreement and high five the authors, the real essence, what we love to see is a changed you.

The first step to this is by allowing the principles and ideas discussed here to make the jump away from your email inbox and into your mind!

Doing this is also ridiculously easy; all you have to do is to read and re-read and re-read any #TMP you find most appealing to you. Personally, I also read and re-read the daily post until I finally begin to understand it and then realise what exactly I also need to do. (Yes, I am also a #TMP subscriber, I could not resist the juicy posts! 😀 )

A rough guide to assist you in putting it in mind:

  1. First, a quick read through or skim reading immediately you receive #TMP in the morning. (We try hard to ensure it is delivered everyday before 5AM, Nigerian Time)
  2. Second, a slower read through after the first reading
  3. Third reading should be done later in the day, probably at lunch. Then ask yourself hard questions, what principle or idea discussed on #TMP today do I need to apply in my own situation? How do I apply it? This will get you thinking
  4. A fourth reading can then be done at evening, if you did 1 – 3 correctly, by the time you read a fourth time, your mind will be fired up to produce even more amazing insights for you.

The fundamental law of teaching is repetition, we have to repeat and repeat until we finally understand the subject matter and we have stored enough data in our mind to make it happen.


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