The Real Problem With “Hawking”

NIGERIANS love justifying nonsense.

I am baffled that educated men would come online to ask “what is wrong with hawking?”

Street hawking in 2020!?

Its like asking “what is wrong with slavery?”

👉🏽 Anything that’s not good enough for you or your children, should not be wished upon anybody!

If people who lived centuries ago saw nothing wrong with slavery, then the Industries of the world would remain powered by slaves and there would be no need for the kind of machines we build today.

What makes “developed” countries, “developed”?

A lot… But I hope you realize that it begins with placing a premium on the time and lives of their citizens. That’s why UAE imports “slaves” aka “unskilled labour” while their citizens do nothing…

To them, doing nothing is better than been gainfully employed to do certain “menial” tasks everyday.

In Japan, you find vending machines everywhere… Because they think their citizens have better things to do with their time and energy.

If you think we have a future if we continue to accept that:

⛔ it’s ok for young minds to sit at a bread kiosk all day…

⛔ Or for young, creative minds to become recharge card vendors…

⛔ Or for young people to continue with beads and makeup “hustle”


We have to start placing a premium on human lives and times in this country.

Its time to #SwitchToCreativity

Higher is calling!

Rant over.

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