The Problem With Thinking Big

There are two major problems with thinking BIG.

These issues are the very things that discourage and hold back many people from even venturing outside.

The two major problems with thinking big is that:


How do you even know if you are thinking big?

Your big thinking could very well be filthy rags when you see what others are dreaming up and getting done. For some, thinking big is building their own secondary school. For another thinking big is establishing a new University.

On the surface, we would say the university dream is bigger than the secondary school dream.

So, when they ask us to think big… Sometimes, it looks like a vague assignment…. In most cases you are already thinking as big as you can!


Someone might be lured into chasing big, far out ideas that they have NO CAPACITY, KNOWLEDGE OR EXPERIENCE to execute and they BURN away!

On one hand, you don’t want to discourage a dreamer or donate some fear into the heart of someone moving by faith… But on the other hand, you see clearly they are mistaken.🤦🏽‍♂️

So, how do we overcome this challenges?

✅ CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT is the keyword if one wants to actually THINK BIG and DREAM BIG.

There is the role of an educated mind that has been exposed to some higher modes of thinking. Proper education will empower the mind to see possibilities and opportunities in everything.

Anyone struggling with thinking big needs more education. There is no shortcut to that.

When you equip your spirit with education, it is a very powerful combination. Don’t let anybody deceive you that you don’t need more education.

REMEMBER THIS: you are probably not as smart as you think you are!

💥 What about a BENCHMARK for big thinking?

Well, I gave it a lot of thought many years back and decided on two things:

1. If it is less than ONE MILLION DOLLARS, I’m not interested. I consider anybody that THINKS one million dollars is a lot of money to battling with mental poverty.

2. If the impact is less than ONE MILLION PEOPLE, my response would be “why are you wasting my life?” 😏

I think it’s a good benchmark to consider how one’s life can have an effect on at least a million people and you can scale up from there.

So, if you develop your mind through education… Also develop your spirit in the place of worship, thanksgiving, fasting and prayers for capacity development.

That’s what I think can solve problem 1.

✅ As for problem 2:

Well, I read in a book Robert Kiyosaki co-authored over 5 years ago that “dreams without education, plans and mentors create delusional people also known as dreamers”

The idea stuck with me since then.

I can easily tell if you are a dreamer or a visionary by asking questions around your plans to acquire an education, your execution plans and the quality of mentoring available to you.

If you knew enough and had enough resources to get your bigger dreams done, you would have done it already.

So, if your dream is big enough… You would require:

💥 An Education (you are NOT OK the way you are)

💥 A Sound Plan (or at least some form of sound planning)

💥 A mentor (or mentors if it’s a bigger dream)

The difference between dreamers and real visionaries is made clear when you consider their answers to these three questions.


Jesus also said: “This is what the Kingdom of God is like — like a man who has scattered seed on the ground, and then sleeps by night and rises by day, while the seed is shooting up and growing — he knows not how.” – Mar 4:26-27 20cNT

Thinking BIG requires you start by faith, no idea how it will play out but with FULL CONFIDENCE that’s it’s gonna happen.

If it doesn’t require “a leap of faith”, if you can map out exactly how you would go from point A to point Z… You are probably not thinking BIG ENOUGH.

What do you think?


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