Before You Take Any Advice From Anybody… Consider This


I want you to realize that everything we say and everything we do is done within a certain context.

There is always a central motive for anything someone says or does.

Nobody talks without a point of view, a bias from which they do everything they do. A “neutral” point of view is a scam. It doesn’t exist.

That is why wise people usually try to understand the context before they proffer advice. Smart people? They just want to spill their guts in order to show they are knowledgeable… And they end up messing things up.

If you want to take advice, ask for context or clarify the mindset of the person proffering the advice/insight/idea.

A chicken cannot advise an eagle.

A lizard cannot understand or comprehend whatever an alligator is doing.

Context matters.

Like my mentor says: If you want to own and drive a Ferrari, you have no fellowship with someone content with owning and driving a Toyota Corolla.


There is a context to every thing and every I do. So, here it is.

1. I assume you have a financial vision to one day own assets worth at least ONE MILLION DOLLARS. If not, my posts, ideas and projects are not likely to be of any help to you.

2. I assume you have a dream to someday CREATE something that will be used everyday by at least ONE MILLION PEOPLE. If not, you will not find my thoughts on Creativity meaningful.

Every day, I cannot stop thinking about how NIGERIANS can lead the world with Creativity and Invention. That’s why I push for PhDs… You cannot do the things I have in my spirit without possessing PhD-Level Knowledge.

3. I assume that you are tired of mediocrity, poverty thinking and the unproductivity in the Nigerian society.

So, obviously if you think things are great the way they are, please ignore my posts or just outrightly block me.

This is an important disclosure.

Like Dr. Creflo Dollar once said: “when we take things out of context, we will be left with the CON”

…and I don’t intend to be a con artist 🙂

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