Wang Jianlin’s “small goal”


Let’s talk about Wang Jianlin’s “small goal”

Wang Jianlin is the founder of Dalian Wanda Group, China’s largest real estate development company, and the world’s largest movie theater operator amongst many other things he does.

He is also known for making rather bold statements. In a TV interview that went viral around 2016, Wang defined the path to success as a series of smaller achievements.

He said he would tell a young apprentice who wanted to be China’s richest person to “set a small goal first, for example, earn 100 million yuan to start with!”

100 MILLION YUAN is around 15 MILLION DOLLARS. (CAUTION: Don’t even think about converting that into NAIRA) 😔

The “small goal” is widely seen as being unachievable, with someone saying you’d “have to work 1,000 years without eating or drinking” to meet that “small goal.”

However, that isn’t true.

Human beings like Tony Elumelu rose from “humble backgrounds” and today, he is worth around 900 MILLION US DOLLARS. And I don’t think he has worked for 1,000 years… Oh, small minds can’t grasp these things 🤦🏽‍♂️

There is a difference between claiming something is impossible and saying something is DIFFICULT.


I think it boils down to a shift in mindset.

The idea that think BIG, but start small is flawed… We need to do better than that.

❌❌ Think BIG, start small ❌❌

IMHO, we need to start working this way:

✅✅ THINK BIGGER: a major problem with Nigerians is that we have guys with LEVEL 10 intelligence, grace and anointing that are busy with LEVEL 2 opportunities 😢

Are you sure you are thinking big enough?

My yardstick for acceptable thinking is:

1️⃣ Is the reward at least ONE MILLION DOLLARS?

2️⃣ Will it impact at least ONE MILLION PEOPLE?

So, if you answered NO to ANY of these questions, IMHO, you might need to review your vision.

Even if you feel you are LEVEL 1 or 2 in intelligence and brilliance, I believe so much in the power of GOD to increase you spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically that you’ll be able to grasp bigger things.

All things are possible to ANYONE that believes.

✅✅ Get comfortable with BIG, for instance we would expect “big companies” deal with MILLIONS OF CUSTOMERS.

Can YOU someday service and deal with 1,000 Clients?

Does your business have a market size of at least 1,000 serviceable clients that would yield your dream revenue?

✅✅ PLAN YOUR BIG: big dreams that lacks a plan for education, proper mentoring and drawn out plans is NONSENSE.

It won’t happen.

You must get educated, get necessary mentoring and have a plan.

Plan YOUR big. If you can cultivate the discipline to go through this thinking process step-by-step, you will be amazed at the answers you would unlock.

It might require you work a job for 3 years before you take the next step. It might require you set up a business and leverage that into the bigger leagues.

Thinking about your BIG plan might reveal to you the need to apprentice with someone else for between THREE and SEVEN years in order to get exposed to big thinking and execution.

That’s one way to go about it.

No one said it’s an easy process. If you want easy, you can keep kicking around stones and crushing mole hills.


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