60 million children need your help

Are You Ready to Win a $10m Prize by Developing a Solution to Educate Millions of Children?

There are almost 60m children around the world, who are not attending school. Of these, half are In Africa. The vast majority are girls.

This number is now increasing further because of conflict in Northern Nigeria, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, and also because of the Ebola crisis in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.

This is a terrible situation, which must be addressed. The question is how do we build enough schools, hire enough teachers, provide enough books, and other materials, to educate so many children?

Where will we get the money? And how long will it take before we have done all that; it might be decades, and meanwhile a whole generation’s future will have been lost!

Introducing the XPRIZE for Global Learning:

This is a calling to think of a way we could do education differently. How can we deliver education to such children without the school building, teachers and the fancy uniforms?

To win it this prize, you will need to have an open mind and literally “re-invent” education, from the way we know it today. A team will have to develop an “App”, which will make it possible for a child, who has never been to school, to learn to read, write and master basic arithmetic, without the aid of a teacher.

It will not be easy, but if you can do that you will walk away with $10m cash as the winner!

Prior to this, the five groups chosen as finalists in the competition will each receive $1m to work on their idea.

If you want to know the rules of the competition, then you will have to study it on the XPRIZE’s website: http://learning.xprize.org. The competition was launched last week, at the UN Headquarters.

Schooling and Education are 2 different things and both are in my friend’s words: “seriously broken!”. I think it is time to completely re-invent education and what it means to be educated.

Access to quality education remains very expensive. Even the people with access to ‘schools’ are not getting the education.

What if we could change all that? I still believe that practical solutions to our problems cannot be imported, a Demola, Chiazor, Tosin or Ejeyi has to arise and get it done.

To motivate you, $10 million is waiting.


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