Preparing for life in a Post-PC era

The PC industry that Bill Gates built up (and made billions as a result) is dead. We are now in the era of mobile and cloud computing. Welcome to the future.

Today, our computing devices are more mobile and much of our data (music, movies, files, software etc) will be stored in the ‘cloud’. Cloud computing is one buzzword that gets flung around carelessly, so I will help by providing a definition to Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing is location independent computing, where shared or dedicated servers provide resources, software and data on demand

It might take a moment or two for you to fully grasp the definition I have just provided, but once you “get it”, you realize just how powerful cloud computing is. It means I can toss away my USB drives and backups, no more copying of files and emailing files to myself, I just keep everything in the cloud and I can access those files from anywhere; my mobile phone, my tablet, my PC, or even at a public cyber café! Two services (out of many) that offers what I just described for free are DropBox and Google Drive.

Your business has a whole lot to gain by taking the switch to mobile and cloud computing for the simple reason that most of your customers are mobile, I do not need a prophet to tell me more people will read and access my blog on their mobile devices than a PC.

More than ever before, people now do most of their web browsing on a mobile device. That is why more companies (especially the smart ones) are now turning their attention to mobile. With about 6.8 billion mobile devices in the world, mobile has a deep penetration unlike anything before it and it allows businesses to use it as a medium to reach their own target audiences.

Many people now realize that they never really needed laptops in any size, most people just need a device that can read books, play games, music, videos and browse the internet, without having to go to a computer school and receive a diploma in ‘computer appreciation’ and ‘Desktop publishing’.

Have you ever seen an iPad before? It’s a tablet computer, slimmer, lighter and cheaper than a standard laptop can ever be. The first thing you’ll love about the iPad is its ease of use. You don’t need a diploma in desktop publishing before you can use it well. Just switch it on and touch, swipe or press the screen to do anything you need!

How can I ever explain to my 60 year old mum the meaning of ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Alt’ + ‘Delete’ as we do on our desktops? Nonsense!

Tech is only really useful when its stripped down to bare simplicity.
Will devices like iPad be useful to everyone?  No.

Some tasks will still require use of ‘old-school’ standard computers, for instance I still have to build digital services (web sites, web apps) for our clients using a computer, but my younger sister should be able to access our work on any device she likes. So, except in cases of mine, programmers, graphic designers, and people who work with software like AutoCAD, Matlab etc, all ‘normal’ word processing, presentations, spreadsheet operations can be done on tablet computers with your data safely in the cloud, where viruses can’t even reach it.

And this is what over 90% of the populace really needs a computer for


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