A time to do serious things (Build companies!)

I do not think this is the time to settle down and look for jobs! This is the time to STAND up and do some more serious things! It will be rough, very rough now but you have to go and put your mind to work, build up a serious billion dollar company. Ignore the breadcrumbs people will offer in name of employment and go for the big loaf!

Make up your mind that you want a piece of this cake…. Let me fire you up!

What is at stake?

Money. Lots of it.

“By 2030, one in every six Africans will be Nigerians, and its economy will have the largest GDP on the continent”

Dangote predicts that Africa will be a “$3 Trillion economy by 2050.”

Why should you care?

So, there is a lot of money to be made. The question now is that what percentage of that economy will I and my friends control?

It is not ok to build a small company that can feed only you and your family. We need bigger companies that can cater for “the poor ones among us”, Jesus predicted that they will always be around. With bigger companies, Nations will bend and beat themselves up to do our bidding.

I believe in the golden rule that says he who has the gold makes the rules. The whole changing the world and nation building thing will work better and faster if we controlled more of the wealth.

Can we do it?

Yes, definitely.

No, it is not easy… but it is DOABLE! If you are a Nigerian and below 25 years, God has so favored you because that is the age to be! (Its OK to be a few years older than this. But if you are 33 and above, forget it!)

Nigeria, not overseas is the place to be now. There is a LOT of money to be made in our lifetime and Nigeria is at the very centre.

Experts say:  “The MINT countries [Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey] are the future, and Nigeria is the most interesting of this new group. As an economy, it’s projected to go from the 39th largest GDP to 13th in the next two decades.”

I daresay that it is only the short sighted folks that should plan to travel out of Nigeria now without plans to return AT ALL.

The thing is that in the advanced countries, every major industry is already saturated. You cannot build another Amazon or Ebay in USA. In Nigeria, you can! They do not need a PayPal, we do! They have constant power supply, in Nigeria we dont! Can you see the billions now??

So, can we stop the small, long term thinking?

My decision to make Akure, Nigeria my operations base has been scoffed at by a lot of short-sighted folks. They say there are no industries in Akure.

But they are wrong! They fail to see that I am the INDUSTRIES!!

Infact, construction of Omnific Works factories in Akure, Nigeria begins shortly… Make up your mind that you want a piece of this cake!

The future is NOW!

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