The Entrepreneur’s dilemma

I found this tweet this morning about the entrepreneur’s dilemma and it stuck with me. I kept mulling it over again and again. Pick three? Just three? What if I want it all? What if I want the great company, the friendships, family time, a fit body and to sleep well?

Randi’s tweet is something I’m sure all entrepreneurs out there can relate with, how do we balance our business with other affairs of life. The other day a female friend aked me to take time off my work and go catch my fun some other way, She says I’m working too hard!

There is always something to do:

  • Make sales
  • Customer care/support
  • Research
  • Write blog posts
  • Read tweets
  • Ideation sessions
  • Company strategy
  • and of course: code, code, code!

This is where trade-offs come in: some resort to building average companies while others say “screw family!” and focus only on the company.

But, I still think its very possible to do it all. What you need is a good time management plan and realise that as an entrepreneur long hours isnt the same as productivity plan your time to accommodate your family, friends and remember to sleep too.

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