I’ve never been a fan of celebrating birthdays since I was 10 years old. A wack photographer and bad event planning and some other issues made me loathe birthdays. Why do people make such a fuss over birthdays? What is the BIG deal?

It was in 2010 that I found a meaning for birthdays. I’m still not head over heels, ready to celebrate birthdays, but at least I’m willing to do something to acknowledge it is a special day and I will just share that with you.

A birthday is actually a BIG deal, unlike other special days of the year, a birthday is truly personalised for you. Think about it: your birthday is the true start of your own NEW YEAR.

The best use case I found for a birthday is as a CHECKPOINT. This is the day my life’s mission started many years ago, today is a great day to sit down and truthfully evaluate how is it going? Afterall, God, not my parents, doctors, or pastors chose this very day to unleash me upon the world.

It is only fair that one sits down on the occasion of her personal new year and perform self diagnosis:

  • What is my life mission?
  • How is it going?
  • What are the goals for the next year?

Questions like this add real value and context to birthday celebrations.

My Checkpoint

My personal mission had always been about changing the world by positively changing the people around me byte by byte.

(A Byte is the smallest piece of data. I chose to attempt changing people slowly because as we all know… Getting people to embrace positive changes is always difficult.)

So, how is it going?

In one sentence: It appears not to be working, but it is actually working. All I need do is patiently wait for it.

In longer sentences:

This time last year, I had mixed feelings because I needed to rearrange a lot of things. I felt I was about to take a plunge into the dark, a plunge into the unknown. I had some projects working, but they did not feel as effective as I would have wanted them to be and I was not at the level I wanted to operate from.

My work was cut out for me, I needed a fresh start. I needed to start all over, but this time more intelligently. All the things I’ve failed at gave me practical knowledge about how to do my thing properly this time. By my nature, starting over never scares me. I seem to have mastered the art of the start.

For much of 2014, I’ve been slowly laying for myself a solid foundation upon which I can do the serious things I want to do.

Today, I have publicly unveiled these ones:

  • A cloud hosting operation: CloudPitcher
  • A daily publication: The Morebise Post, where I share the very same thoughts driving me in business, productivity and creativity.
  • A startup advisory platform at Morebise Ventures
  • …and a hobby level entertainment project: OneCrier PLAY

I have a dozen or more projects under active research and development, all to lead to the goal.

I get bashed every now and then for not focussing, and doing too many things at the same time. I’ve stopped listening to such people. The more I try to dial down, the more I’m fueled up inside to march on forward fearlessly.

Besides, I’m girlfriendless, football club fanless, I don’t hang out with the boys at the club, I don’t have any social vices of any kind. I simply sleep during any free period I have. What more should I do with all that free time if not to think up projects and execute them?

So, last year… I learnt that I must not scale down my thoughts. Too many people need help and assistance, if God has lit me up with His Spirit, it is my responsibility to maximise his gifting upon me. #TMP is one way I’m trying to maximise my gifting and I have an interesting timeline for this project in my spirit. (If you still have not subscribed, do so on here before its too late:The Morebise Post ).

I realise that more than ever before, the world needs leadership, inspiration and impartation so that people can do their best work. If I do not step up to provide these things, who will??

Changing the world is not an easy mission, but then if is was easy, everybody would do it isn’t it? I’m blessed to be have been able to identify early enough what I want to spend my adult life doing and get the necessary parental support to do what I want to do.
I am ready to take the world by storm as my new year begins today. I have so much more up my sleeves… The things I’m yet to do out weighs the little I have done that gets people to hate me or love me.

I am creative,
I create things,
I have great creative powers,
I am 100% Omnific!

…And I have a confidence inside me that I can and I will get my life’s mission done. That is why we celebrate today! That is why we have a checkpoint after all!

I am Ade – kankun – mola – nrewaju, son of Olanrewaju Morebise
Happy Birthday to me!


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