After 6 years, this man still making lots of money from his app

I recently read the story of Carlos Ribas. A lot of people have debunked his story, saying it is because he built his app before a lot of competition kicked in.


What I am interested in is the fact that the app he built in 2009 still brings in 5 figures every month. 5 figures would mean at least $10,000, to put things in perspective, $10,000 converts to about ₦1.8 million as at the time of this post.

With the right idea and some hardwork, there is absolutely no reason why you too cannot create something that will pull in $10,000 for you every month. Passively; that is without requiring too much of your time.

It may or may not be an app. Just open your mind and think… there must be something you can do. The only requirement is that you should think in terms of modern-day business. This is the beauty of modern-day business.

Never underestimate yourself, If you must doubt anything. Why not doubt how far you can go?



This year, I want to assist 30 people to move their ideas from thoughts to reality, so I am creating the BUILD YOUR IDEA programme to get it done. I will teach you everything you need to know to convert your ideas into projects, businesses or startups. I do not plan to stop there, I also will offer some guidance as you step out to build out your ideas.

I have a track record of consistently moving ideas into products and startups. You will be getting access to practical knowledge, wisdom and ideas that I have gathered in my nearly 10 years of working in this field.

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