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“Much as we talk about Internet companies today, in five years’ time there wont be any internet companies. All companies will be internet companies or they will be dead.”-Andrew Grove, Intel.

The task ahead of us seems well defined; the most successful business men of this era will be the person (man or woman) who is able to take a business concept and add the awesomeness of the internet to it.

As I always say: stores have moved from buildings into websites and now they have moved into mobile devices. We really need to start thinking in that direction.

Jeff Bezos added the awesomeness of the internet to the old business of selling books, what we have about 20 years later is a $150 billion company. You might have heard about the company, the name is Amazon, the everything store.

A good question you might want to fix your mind on today: how can the mobile phone in my pocket help me beat my competitors? What mobile service or app can I build that people will find useful?

This is part of why we are here anyways, to help people build profitable businesses by applying digital technologies.

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