On Spamming by Telcos

I think its a real shame that many people now complain about SMS and Voice call (Robot calls) spam messages and there is little they can do about it – the spam messages originate from the telecom companies themselves.

It is even more shameful that the regulatory bodies – NCC or whoever is in charge is also not stepping up to protect the customers.

These trends will lead to major backlash; I’m already aware that a lot of people don’t bother to read any SMS they receive from non-contacts, they assume its spam and promptly delete.

Only a foolish company spams its own customers. There is no wisdom in spamming people. We trusted the telcos with the task of helping us connect to the world and rather than focus and be useful, they decided spamming us is the way to go. With the power, capital, access to talent and reach that they have, you would be forgiven for thinking they should do better.

In your business, are you focussed and delighting your customers? Or are you spamming and maltreating them?

Only foolish companies spam their customers. We can do better.

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