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The content game is on people, everybody is now trying to get ahead through content marketing. What this really means is that the noise is about to be turned up.

When more people start creating content in your industry, it means there is going to be a lot of poor content to sieve through before we hit gold.

Just because you hire a very good writer does not guarantee that the writing will make much impact on the business’s bottom line. The content marketing environment is quite unique.

A lot of times, the posts you worked on the hardest don’t get much attention. And even posts that get traffic just don’t convert into paying customers.

Here are a few tips on creating content that will help you as you focus on not just creating content, but generating leads.

Create content that appeals to your target audience

This game is not just about writing articles and hitting publish. Your content has to be specially crafted in a way that it appeals to the people most likely to buy from you.

You need to create and distribute content that solves the same problems your products and services do. Create content around the needs you meet with your products and services.

People who come around to read your posts will be people who have a need for it and that is a better match.

Create content that emphasis a specific action

You need to streamline your content in such a way that it leads to a specific endpoint. A precise step (or series of steps) that has to be taken.

Too many blog posts and podcasts fail to nail this. You read on and on and the article never really zeros in on what exactly you need to do next.

What is your call to action?

What do you expect the reader to do next? This article you are reading is placing emphasis on the need to: create content that would appeal to your target audience and to streamline your posts into a specific call to action.

It is not just some random rant that will attract “yeah…” and “hmmm”. There are specific action points you can take.

These 2 points are sure to make a difference in your content generation efforts if you apply them.


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