The days are going by, some action is needed

And so, we arrive at May 2016, the question you need to answer honestly is this: have you started making money this year or are you still “believing God” for something to happen?

Are you among those who have started to make money this year or are you among those crying wolf about a certain “Buhari economy”?

This is the time to be honest with yourself.

It is insanity for you NOT to do anything to change the situation and yet hope that things will change. If you will make money this year, you need to take a step. We must identify the major money makers so far and then double down.

What have you been doing that is wasting your resources, yet not bringing in anything? Time to hit the kill switch.

What are the little things you do that bring in money that you need to increase?

Revenue and profit goals for 2016 can still be met, but ACTION is required more than ever before.

This is the 5th month, will you make it count?

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