The loafy upsell

I spotted a Shoprite Bread vendor in the wild and stopped by to “grab my copy” of their bread, to my surprise (and delight), out of nowhere the vendor brought out a 2L bottle of coke and suggested I buy the combo (Bread + Coke) for just N600.

Interesting offer.

It so happen that during that time, we were just training our students about marketing funnels and the art of upselling and so I told the guys around me to pay attention to this.

I could buy the bread and be gone, but now they were trying to upsell me the bottle of coke which might be a nice complement to the already purchased bread.

Have you tried to upsell digital marketing to the people you developed web sites for?

Have you tried to upsell a complimenting service to the people that already purchased a service from you?

Why are you dulling??

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