The idea of learn a skill and start a shop is bad advice, it needs to die

There is something gravely wrong with the gospel of skill acquistion that many folks are preaching.

This idea that you should acquire a skill, say shoe making or bead making and set up a small shop and live happily ever might not be such a good idea.

Now, this is my opinion.. and I own it.

I always challenge people to go beyond thinking of starting a business as a tool of survival… and see building a business as a tool for making economic impact.

The issue: building such shops cannot positively affect national economy.

Big businesses are what can change the national economic outlook.

Industrialization is the key.

You need to build an industry around whatever you do.

When you learn shoe making, don’t start a shop; start a factory that can churn out 5, 000 shoes every day! That is when you start making economic impact.

You make economic impact because you can then EXPORT the products, and this will draw in cash from outside into your local economy.

As usual, you start allowing things like capital, manpower, and all sorts to stop you from giving this idea a chance.

Yet… this is the truth: You set the vision first, then seek out every other thing you need.

One step at a time.

However, if you are not thinking in line of building a big business…

you will work till you die…

..and there will be nothing serious to leave behind for your kids.

They will all have to start from scratch.


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