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Since last week, I’ve been taking stock of all the interesting things I have gained through my social networking presence. But this isnt true for everyone, to many people, social networks is like a joke. A scroll down my Facebook home page news and I knew I had to make this audio program. This a short How-To that outlines practical steps on how you can optimise your social networking presence to connect you to quality people. Just as I have been doing for years now. (Infact, my closest buddies are people I met online!)

I discussed visibility, how to properly engage your audience, what type of updates to post amidst others. If you still dont have a reason to download it. Just download it because its from me 🙂

So here you have it: (You can just right-click, save target as)

Download it and dont forget to share with everyone else! (Hint: You can use bluetooth)

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