Naija’s Adsense Hustlers

There is a new generation of Scumbags – young guys who heard about the internet millionaire myth and decided they want a share (This isnt bad in itself) But their approach? Create blogs NO ONE is interested in reading, blogs with ZERO followership. Blogs that they dont even WRITE original content for. They mine articles word-for-word from various blogs and sources. Just copy, paste and expect millions of Google Adsense revenue. Of course, this probably never happens.

You find all kinds of them, looking for various ways of gaming the search engines, tricking Google et al. Of course, the Googlers arent stupid and they end up demoting the sites and blocking their adsense accounts.

This is rubbish. There is no crime on becoming a blogger, blogging for a living is a welcome development and you can make millions from it. But the business model i described here wont work, you’ll only end up burned. I know because I was once the Scum-blogger guy! I repented in 2008.

Maybe its time more of them also started thinking correctly, there are a million other things to do online apart from blogging. There are a dozen other ways to monetise your content apart from Adsense. If you ever decide to build real internet businesses, lets talk!

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