Put your best foot forward on the web, get found online!

More than ever before, people are now looking for businesses, places and events online, are you there yet?

Indeed, the first goal of the modern professional should be to work on her online presence, fine tune it until it becomes effective and useful for her. A key part of these includes getting setup on social media and creating a website.

A lot of professionals have now realize the power of social media and are utilizing it well, the next step for many of them is to get an effective website in place.

The ease and comfort we get on social media platforms usually makes us forget about our websites, but I will still argue that we need to invest in our websites. Here are 3 reasons you should have a website

It is your 24hrs notice board

Your website is the always on notice board, where anyone can get latest information and updates about your organization. Your website comes without any restrictions of any kind, you can setup anything needed to convene your brand essence to whoever visits in the least amount of time possible.

Your website can be updated to reflect moods and seasons

One central place to direct everybody to

Your website is the one place on the internet you can truly call yours. Your social media presence is definitely important, yet we cannot call it ours, most posts on Facebook are only relevant for about one week, thereafter, it is buried under the heap of new content that gets loaded there every minute.

A research carried out on Facebook revealed that only about 12% of your Facebook audience ever see your posts. On Twitter, it is actually worse. Your tweets have about an hour before slipping off into oblivion.

That is why most Twitter users result to tweeting and re-tweeting the same times at different times of the day in other to be sure the information spreads far enough.

Your website doesn’t operate that way. On your website, you get to decide what is most important (not Facebook’s newfeed robots) and you can choose to display it first to your visitors.

It is your virtual office

Your website is your virtual office, if you deploy modern cutting edge digital tools on your website, you will discover that your website can be as effective as your physical office. Your website can go beyond just displaying pages of text and pictures to your customers who stop by. You can create mesmerizing, highly interactive experiences uniquely crafted for them.

For example, a car dealer can allow customers customize their car purchase order – choose colors, accessories and preview it live on the website. A Bookstore can allow you browse the store and buy your books on their website and pick up in store or even have it delivered to your door. A printing press can similarly allow you design your print job – business cards, banners, handbills, etc on their website or submit your design job in digital format and come pick up your finished work. There is nothing done in a physical office today that cannot be done over the internet through your website.

There is nothing done in a physical office today that cannot be done over the internet through your website.

The future of the office is definitely location independent, paperless and cloud-based. You need to start thinking that way too.


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