This charger can charge your phone in 30 seconds. No joke!

I found this via my Facebook feed and couldnt resist sharing.

This Device Can Charge Your Phone In 30 seconds!


Enter StoreDot, an Israeli tech startup that hopes to make this exact conundrum a thing of the past. The company claims to have created a new battery pack that can fully charge your phone in a mere 30 seconds. Yes, even if you’re at 0 percent.

The pack, which premiered Monday at a Microsoft Think Next event in Tel Aviv, relies on microscopic magnets called “nanodots” to enable its game-changing charger. As you can see in the video, the prototype attaches to a phone that is then juiced up in half a minute.

In the meantime, StoreDot will face two major challenges: Figuring how to shrink the technology so that it can fit in existing smartphone designs, and how to get the cost down. Once they solve this challenges within the next few years (the company says 3 years), we are surely going to joyfully welcome the innovation. (And I could just beat them to it anyways 😀 )

Check out the demo video:

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