The Spotify effect: Why every company is now a data company (Panorama)

I am certainly guilty of the charge that I have been talking a lot about data recently, but you have to bear with me. I think data application is the one of the most important innovation on-going in computing and engineering and we have only just begun to scratch its surface.

That said, let me do some explaining: when a company uses data to personalize its inventory, it creates a better experience for its users. This better experiences in turn draws in millions of users and the same data can be harnessed for ideas on how to optimise your service for more revenue.

For example, Amazon, rightly dubbed the “House of Innovation” by some quarters track every item we browse or buy on their websites. By tracking this data, they are able to correctly predict our interests and they can make recommendations on things to buy that they know we would love.

Are you already thinking about how such could be done for your own business too?

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