Business and the role of communication

The business process starts from communication, as a business man you have to ensure that whatever it is you have to offer is clearly communicated to your target audience. They have to understand it.

Your communication has to promote your product, service, marketing, or organization; relays information within a business; or functions as an official statement from a company. Business communication encompasses such topics as marketing, brand management, customer relations, consumer behavior, advertising, public relations, corporate communication, community engagement, reputation management, interpersonal communication, employee engagement, and event management. Some media channels for business communication include the Internet, social media, print media, radio, television, ambient media, and word of mouth.

Brain Tracy once said that “Your ability to communicate with others will account for fully 85% of your success in business and in your life” and I couldn’t agree more. To achieve real success in business, we can never over emphasize the role of effectively communicating with current and prospective customers.

Digital tech has revolutionised how businesses go about communicating. While communicating used to be quite slow, it has surely picked up the pace.

You can now send out information about what your business is up to directly to your customers in seconds and not weeks as was the case before the advent of digital tech. With so much tools, why do businesses still fail to communicate as often as they need to? (Of course, we have to ensure we do not cross over from communicating to shouting and spamming, but truth be told, many businesses seem not to communicate with their customers enough)

You can start from the basics, collate the contact details of your customers and send them either bulk SMS or email every now and then offering them realy useful tips, tricks and then you can even upsell them some more goods.

Keep in touch and engage with your customers everywhere, because if you don’t, you have just created a door for your competition to come in.

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