Moving from search results to new business clients

When real people want to find business services, they google it or ask friends on social media. When your website turns up alongside thousands of others on the results page, what determines whether you get picked or not?

3 factors seem to come into play here: business name, website design and your content. The main focus of this article is on the third one: content, but we will say a few things on the first 2 factors.

Sometimes, your business name makes or mars you. Your business name needs to sound professional and connect to your target audience. You probably do not want your hospital to be named “Rock-a-lot Ventures”, even though that could be a cool name for your entertainment outfit. You should never rush into picking a name for your business and if at any point you discover you need to rename your business, just go ahead because, the sooner you fix the name, the better.

Your website needs to have an appealing feel and look, it has to help build confidence in your business brand and show that you are experts, not rookies in the industry you work. Your website definitely has to be mobile friendly in today’s world where most people access the Internet on their phones.

Now, let us talk about content.

People say “content is king”, and they are right. One of the major things that would set you apart from others would be your content. More than ever before, businesses have to invest in creating top-notch content about themselves and the industries they play in.

It is no longer enough to just create websites and list all the services you have to offer, you need to demonstrate your expertise level and this can be easily seen through your website’s content.

There are numerous ways through which you can distribute your content, the most common channel is a blog where you and your staff members can share testimonials/success stories from your current happy clients, industry news, and opinion about the industry you play in. Setting up a blog for your business is easy and anybody can set it up for you. If you require a professional touch (and you should), we would be happy to help in that regard.

Beyond blogging, you could also make ebooks, audio resources or video clips. Creating these kind of content is rarely a stroll in the park; it requires major investment of money, time and energy but it always pays off in the long run. An outstanding video clip you created 5 years ago can continue to bring repeat business for you every day as new people stumble upon it on the Internet. Content never dies, it gets better with age.

You have to wake up to the reality that in today’s world, people now have a lot of options to your business and it will take more than having a website with a bright logo to convince them that you are the real deal.


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