It must have bad side effects

The default response people have to new technological ideas are usually skeptic. Most people love to point out any danger they can see whether they be imagined or real.

It is so because people are always afraid of anything they do not understand.

When I shared about the cordless headband that plays music through your skull and leaves your ear free, several people have shown skepticism and it is justifiable. Every bit of technology that hit the mainstream usually receives similar reception; it must have negative side effects.

For many years, people refused to use telephones preferring to visit people in person. For many years, some people refused to use social media because it was childish to post your thoughts online. They love dwelling upon any disadvantage they can find.

The reality however soon dawns in them, there is no excuse for us to shut down our brains and revert back to the stone age. As technology continues to advance and more cool inventions appear on the stage, so also is the fear and panic that technology might just render people lazy and jobless.

Yet, it turns out all is well, all the fears are usually non-existent and the efficiency and productivity boost that technology makes possible is simply fantastic!

People who want to get ahead never ignore or repel technology. They embrace it and maybe you too should.


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