A simple way to exempt yourself from Nigeria’s economic recession

Let’s leave the complicated economic matters for those elected or paid to handle it and let us pan our focus back to where it really matters: our wallet.

Your energy should not be wasted on endless arguments at the news stand, now is not the time to debate who really crippled our economy. Waste of time.

Let’s look for a way we can handle the development effectively.

A simple way to take yourself out of the current economic hardship in Nigeria is by repositioning yourself to do business on “international waters”.

International waters of course refers to the Internet.

It is no longer enough to tell people to go learn skills like carpentry, bead-making or tailoring. If you setup shop locally, you are still open for patronage by broke civil servants. That will probably not work out so fine.

You need to setup shop online. You need to setup shop on the internet.

You can live in Nigeria and yet attract and service clients from different parts of the world. You can live in Akure, South-Western Nigeria and you top clients are all outside the country, in places where there is no recession.

This things are not restricted to only tech services. I met a fish farmer last month that although based in Ibadan, South-Western Nigeria, told me that he has customers abroad and infact, he helps a grocery store in the USA to source for Nigerian food ingredients.

To survive the drought coming upon Nigeria, our homeland: start thinking of how you too can take your business and place it online.

That is a more productive use of the time.

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