Ademola Morebise is a Global Invention and Creativity expert, interested in shaping Society, influencing national economies and BUILDING formidable institutions that will take Africa to the next level.

Ademola Morebise was named as one of the 100 most innovative people working Nigeria’s tech industry by Y! Naija, won a National Youth Award nomination for ICT innovation amongst several other awards and recognition for his work. He is also a frequent guest on TV and Radio for his unique insights around invention, creativity, business development and how to facilitate Africa’s Century.

Everyday, Ademola Morebise cannot stop thinking about how Nigerians can lead the world with INVENTION & CREATIVITY. He has authored several books so far, including UNLEASH YOUR INVENTIONS: THE SECRET SOURCE OF CREATIVITY AND INVENTIONS.

Ademola Morebise builds tech driven companies and trains Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Business owners on how to build systems that rapidly scale their business into formidable multi-million Naira empires. Without wasting time and money on things that don’t work.

Ademola Morebise has been consistently referred to as a “One Man” Army with a proven track record of extra-ordinary achievements in building tech-driven companies, with nothing but an idea and a drive to succeed.

With a career spanning over a decade, he is extremely skilled and experienced in all aspects of new business development, including technology, marketing, innovation, finance, and operations.

Ademola Morebise is not just a “level 5” technology leader, he is also a great team player.

M (as he is fondly called) has built a career in creating tech systems and businesses for nearly a decade already. M is a doer and this reflects in the volume and quality of works he has personally churned out.

As an Agent of Change, M has been teaching IT skills to young people for free since 2013. Organising various training workshops and initiatives including CodeDrive, DesignDrive and BusinessDrive.

M always says he is on a personal mission to change the world and people around him byte by byte.